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In October 2021 I was awarded a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award, funded by Orkney Islands Council, Creative Scotland and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

This award has enabled me to undertake a developmental project which will last until October 2022, focusing on the creation of my own woven cloth to mould in to textile collage works, using wool and other yarn sourced from my own archive or from other inspirational female creatives.


I have purchased an Ashford 16 shaft table loom and am currently in the phase of experimenting, making cloth and letting my mind drift and ponder on what next whilst undertaking the rhythmical process of winding the warp, warping the loom, threading the heddles, sleying the reed, tying off the warp, winding the pirns, changing the shafts, throwing the shuttle and making cloth. 

Many thanks to India Whitwell and the incredible resource that is Loom Room Orkney for the guidance, wisdom and support, and for lighting the spark for this year long project. 

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